Ranch Day

Departing from Belize City, our guests head along the Western Highway for 46 miles. They will arrive at Guanacaste National Park where they will follow trails on foot to the banks of the Olde Belize River. The guide will lead his charges to awaiting canoes, which will carry the group slowly down river. Peaceful seems like an understatement.

The abundant wildlife is undisturbed by the gentle paddling of canoes, and Mother Nature's beautiful tapestry unfolds around each bend in the river.

Not too hectic, but enough to build up a good appetite for a hearty lunch at Banana Bank Resort. After appetites have been satisfied, it will be time to choose a mount, for the afternoon. Riding on the open Savannah of this working ranch, or along the jungle trails, there are so many points of interest. The Maya were not too far away, and in more recent times the ranch was part of a huge estate and a conduit for mahogany to the river for its journey to the coast. A very interesting day out with some real nice folks at the Ranch.