Caving & Canoeing

This tour is aimed at those guests that enjoy a challenge! Located 32 miles on the Western Highway, there is access to part of our extensive cave system, by way of a large citrus farm. These caves are "dry" and for the most part hidden by the thick forest. Following marked trails, the guide will lead the visitors to concealed entrances and through one these magnificent caves. On the other side is a hidden valley surrounded by limestone formations. This is virgin rainforest, untouched by the loggers axe. The flora & fauna differ in subtle ways to that of the outside secondary growths.

A walk through the valley, and back into the cave system. Climbing and squeezing, the lair of a Jaguar is seen. Stalactites and stalagmites and amazing artistry only nature could produce. Just when you think you have seen it all, another climb into what appears to be a small crevice reveals a small elevated area strewn with Mayan pottery and artifacts.

Time to cool off , rest and have a good lunch, before moving down to the river for a relaxing canoe downstream. The water is clear and the swimming good. This stretch of the Sibun River is uninhabited and blissfully peaceful.

Our journey ends at the "world famous" Mellow Tiger Bar, where cold beers are generally the order of the day before returning to Belize City.

Not a "soft" day out, this excursion should appeal to those energetic and agile visitors who enjoy the unknown. Well worth the effort!